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What We Do

PHP provides engineering services for all buildings, chemical plants and environmental-related projects. In line with IoT-isation, Industrial 4.0 and the Singapore Green Plan 2030, our company also offers our expertise and network to strategic partners like you.

Electrical Construction

Mechanical Construction

Instrumentation & Control

Industrial 4.0

About Company

PHP Engineering Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore back in 1988, with the company spear headed by our Managing Director and founder, Mr Goh Som Seng. Since the inceptions of the company, we strengthen our corporate management and widen the business activities. In the cause of handling projects, our team earned valuable experience and exposure.

In line with business plan to position ourselves as the mechanical & electrical and IOT and blockchain relative to Business.

We are capable in supply, installation and management of electrical engineering, extra low voltage system, fire protection system, engineering efficiency system, and facilities management system to building and estate in various sectors.

Our company also conducts inspection, testing and design and consultation for projects to meet the demands and challenge ahead.

We maintain a wide range of inhouse licensed personnel such as EMA license electrical workers in professional engineer and technician grade, BCA certification, IDA licensed, wiring installation, MOM certified safety personnel.

Building a better smart city

Smart city facilities sustainable development

Building smart cities via an impressive array of leading- edge ICT technologies, such as cloud computing, the internet of things (IOT), Big data and mobility with blockchain.

These technologies aggregate, share, and coverage city-wide resources to provide real-time, efficient and intelligent information services.

Smart cities are reshaping the ways in which public services are provided and manage, transforming how resident travel, work, study, interact, consume products and services.

Open co-operation: development with partners.

We are committed to promoting the development of open smart city platforms and vendor ecosystems, globally and locally.

Through the open platforms and eco systems, PHP jointly develops end to end holistic smart city solution partners across the globe. And with the support of channel service partners, PHP offers to projects operation.

The following video explains the History and Purpose of PHP Engineering Pte. Ltd.

PHP Engineering Pte Ltd on 封面人物 (Episode 44)

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